“Marikoko” combines two names: a mother and a daughter. Two generations, two women, with roots reaching back to the African diaspora and the Japanese archipelago. For many years, the two made an annual pilgrimage back to the motherland Japan. One year they changed their itinerary and decided to travel instead to India. While in India, Koko (who is the mother part of Marikoko) discovered her own wanderlust amidst a culture for which she felt instant affinity.  Mariko (the daughter) proposed they make a point to travel together as much as possible so that they could together share the discovery of the world. Eventually this wanderlust led them to Morocco. While in Morocco, traveling through the Atlas mountains toward the Sahara desert, their partnership, a company called Marikoko was born. The mother felt inspiration from her daughter’s sense of the world, and the daughter felt admiration for the tales of her mother’s past, her wisdom, her style and her grace. Together, the two worlds became one: a place where the past meets the present, where heritage blends with the new. Marikoko envisions a lifestyle of cross cultural celebration through the appreciation of objects discovered and of the artisans who make them. Marikoko is excited to continue the journey of discovery and to share those discoveries with you. Whether traveling locally or globally, the connection between people is what makes the story of an object or product come to life in our homes. We hope our little destination boutique will be a source of inspiration to you, as it has been to us. At Marikoko, we sell thoughtfully curated products that we believe will make your home--your soul--more beautiful, more harmonious, and balanced. We strive to discover products made by artisans who create beautiful, purposeful, unique products—both new and vintage. You can find our store in the historic Leimert Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. We look forward to meeting those in the neighborhood and those coming in to discover it. We look forward to welcoming you.